Chapter 2 Topics

2-M: Intelligent People Are Skeptical

(discerning shoppers aren’t buying it)

intelligent people

Authenticity has always been rare.  Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) shocked and confused the painter when he insisted that his portrait be unflatteringly accurate, “warts and all”.

In this day of Photoshop, Instagram, dating sites and Facebook, we all know full well that there’s a less attractive reality beneath the veneer of perfection.  Through experience, we have all learned to never trust anything at face value.  

Most people don’t consider themselves easily tricked, but the fact remains that inauthenticity overwhelmingly continues to be rewarded, while honesty and transparency are often punished.  The masses actually feel safer and more comfortable with superficiality and platitudes than with the unsettling realities of imperfection.   Enter: marketing.  What you see is not always what you get.  Everybody knows it, yet misrepresentation still continues to work best in business.  Go figure.

So how does this apply to Hot Tubs Galore’s marketing?  Although we’re taking a risk by being unconventional, the truth is that we’re still flirting with consumers, wanting to stand out, hoping to look good, and trying to charm potential clients in order to attract business.  There’s no getting around it.  But at least the content is based on true information and sometimes-ugly facts, as opposed to beautiful sanitized smoke and mirrors, even if statistically, the latter is more effective. 

I’m sure some people are put off by its frank, cheeky and irreverent tone, but I’m hoping that this website catches the attention and reaches our target audience – the more discerning, skeptical consumer who finds our straightforward approach refreshing.  If you’re still reading this, you might be one of them.  Bring a picture of Oliver Cromwell into our store to receive 15% off anything in stock except for hot tubs.  See D-11 for terms and conditions.