Chapter 2 Topics

2-G: Manufacturer vs Vendor

(product quality vs client experience)


 Are the complaints about the product or about the vendor who sold it to them?

I’ve seen some scathing reviews against some excellent brands based on their terrible experience with the store that sold it to them.  Conversely, I’ve noticed glowing reviews for hot tub brands that I know aren’t very good, but since the vendors quickly take care of any problems, the brand they sell gets fewer bad reviews. 

Some hot tub factories make an excellent product but have lousy warranty policies and poor after-sale customer care.  These brands are more likely to get bad reviews than a company that makes an inferior product but does a great job with client after-care.  

So, when choosing a brand, ignore the complaints that have to do with the vendor.  And when choosing a vendor, keep in mind that just because a vendor is “good” doesn’t mean the brand they sell is also good.