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Defining “Quality” In Regards To a “Cheap Hot Tub” Purchase

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Two 1997 models. Guess which has one million miles on the odometer? When quality matters, it’s important to understand what that word actually means when it comes to hot tubs.  Aesthetics, spec sheets and special features may influence the decision-making process but they have next to nothing to do with the quality of a product.  […]

Plug and Play Hot Tub – Are Plug and Play Hot Tubs Any Good?

Plug and Play Hot Tub Are Plug And Play Hot tubs Any Good

Plug & Play Hot Tubs   Might a plug & play hot tub be a good option for you?  Read this through to understand the answer to that question.  240-volt hot tubs Generally speaking, hot tubs come standard as 240-volt systems and that’s the better way to go if you can swing it.   A 240-volt system […]

Used Hot Tubs For Sale Vancouver BC

Used Hot Tubs Vancouver BC Canada

Searching for used hot tubs for sale Vancouver? Greater Vancouver Hot Tubs Dealer Hot Tubs Galore should be one of your first stops. While we carry a great number or New Hot Tub Brands, we are the leader when it comes to Used Hot Tubs For Sale. Vancouver used hot tubs can be a double-edged […]

Hot Tub Computer Issues

Langley Hot Tubs Galore back with another of our Used Hot Tub Tutorial & Tips. Hot tub repair can become very costly as hot tub parts and hot tub service become part of a hot tubs life. That’s why we always suggest when buying a used hot tub you buy from a reputable used hot […]