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Used Hot Tubs For Sale Vancouver BC
Used Hot Tubs For Sale In Vancouver BC

What Makes Our Used Hot Tubs Better Than Others?

Why buy through us instead of elsewhere?

We offer warranty options up to two years for all of our used hot tubs, and since we want to keep our solid reputation as the used hot tub experts, it’s in our best interest to be very selective with the hot tubs we sell.

All our used hot tubs have to pass a detailed checklist before we even consider them for our inventory and only the best ones make the cut. We choose models we trust to be “good ones” (based on over 20 years of experience). If we can’t sell a used hot tub with confidence we just pillage whatever good parts it may have and scrap/recycle the rest.

Before our clients take possession of their used hot tub we run it through a 120-point inspection, then pressure-test followed by a deep-cleaning flush. We run it on our test bench for at least 4 days, then service it as needed. It’s not uncommon for our technicians to invest dozens of hours and well over $2000 worth of parts in some hot tubs before they sign off on them as “good to go”.

This significantly lowers the chance of anything going wrong after we deliver them to their new home, but we still offer a “guarantee”, just in case.

Hot Tubs Galore takes the risk out of buying used.