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When it comes to hot tub covers Langley Hot Tubs Galore can’t stress the importance of a Good hot Tub Cover much more than we do.

As mentioned in a previous Hot Tub Tip,

Hot Tub Covers Do Matter.


Lately I’ve noticed that some manufacturers are cheaping out on their hot tub covers.  From a numbers perspective I suppose it makes sense because a cheap hot tub cover costs considerably less than a high quality one, and most consumers can’t tell the difference.

Potential buyers might ask “does it come with a cover?” but would rarely ask, “how good are your covers?”.  And if they do ask the latter, the salesperson would likely simply say “Good”, and that would be the end of that conversation.  So why would a manufacturer spend 30% more on their covers if it won’t affect sales?

But a good cover is very important.


-Study the hot tub cover.  Unzip the back at the hinge and check to see what kind of panels they use (cheap popcorn styrofoam, or high density foam?). 

 -Is the supporting rail for the hot tub cover made of aluminum or galvanized steel?  How robust is the rail?

 -Feel the thickness and quality of the vinyl, and ask if it’s marine-grade vinyl on top and chemical resistant material on the bottom (as opposed to Fabric Land grade stuff). 

 -Check to see how tightly the hot tub cover fits, and check for gaps in the hinge/seam part where steam might escape. 

 -Is the hot tub cover tapered to repel water?