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New Hot Tub Tips: Hot Tub Covers Considerations

Hot Tub Cover Langley BC Hot Tub Covers

Hot Tub Covers When it comes to hot tub covers Langley Hot Tubs Galore can’t stress the importance of a Good hot Tub Cover much more than we do. As mentioned in a previous Hot Tub Tip, Hot Tub Covers Do Matter.   Lately I’ve noticed that some manufacturers are cheaping out on their hot […]

Hot Tub Skirting

Hot Tub Skirting Langley BC

There’s cheap and high end versions of skirting that at first glance may look almost identical.  Some skirts last much longer, maintain their look and can be treated easier and more effectively than others, depending on materials, workmanship and engineering. Tips: -Lower quality plastic skirting tends to warp and buckle as it ages, becomes more […]