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Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: Long Term Parts Availability

Langley Hot Tubs – Parts Availability Some brands are notorious for discontinuing model-specific parts a few years in, and fly-by-night brands may not be around for long.  So keep this in mind if you plan to keep your hot tub for a long time.  The more unique parts and features in a particular model, the […]

Broken And Missing Hot Tub Bits And Accoutrements

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Bits and parts are often damaged or missing on used hot tubs.  Things like dials, cushions, valves, jets, drink tray caps, skimmer weirs, drain/intake strainers, leaf catcher baskets, filters, covers, clips, etc.  You might not notice it or give it a second thought, but these “little things” might actually be important and can add up, […]

Hot Tub Mechanical Failure

Hot Tub Mechanical Breakdown

There are lots of moving parts on a hot tub. We make sure it’s all in working order for you. Tips:  -test the motors for high/low/off settings -feel them for heat after they’ve been running a while.   -Listen for noisy bearings.   -Check the pump shafts while the pumps are under load to see if water […]