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Defining “Quality” In Regards To a “Cheap Hot Tub” Purchase

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Two 1997 models. Guess which has one million miles on the odometer? When quality matters, it’s important to understand what that word actually means when it comes to hot tubs.  Aesthetics, spec sheets and special features may influence the decision-making process but they have next to nothing to do with the quality of a product.  […]

Used Hot Tubs For Sale Vancouver BC

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Searching for used hot tubs for sale Vancouver? Greater Vancouver Hot Tubs Dealer Hot Tubs Galore should be one of your first stops. While we carry a great number or New Hot Tub Brands, we are the leader when it comes to Used Hot Tubs For Sale. Vancouver used hot tubs can be a double-edged […]

New Hot Tub Tips: Test An Empty Hot Tub vs A Full One

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Empty vs. full hot tub People are more prone to buy a model that feels comfortable when they sit in it empty on the showroom floor so manufacturers design their tubs with that in mind. But everything changes when it’s full of water. Due to buoyancy, you don’t feel the same pressure points where your […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: Levitating Recliners Hot Tub Lounger

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Levitating Recliners A poorly designed recliner or hot tub lounger combined with poorly planned jetting may feel nice when you sit in the dry shell at the showroom, but when you fill it with water, you float up and away. A well-designed recliner keeps you positioned in the recliner even when it’s full of water […]

Buying A New Hot Tub Tips: Manufacturing Location

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Hot tubs made in North America tend to be far superior to imported spas. But beware of misleading claims. “USA product or “Made in Canada” can actually mean engineered and fabricated in China, assembled in Florida or Quebec. One of the top 3 Brands recently moved their production factory to Mexico, but they have their […]