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Hot Tub Surrey Shopping Hot Tubs: Test Empty Hot Tub or Full Hot Tub?Empty vs. full hot tub
People are more prone to buy a model that feels comfortable when they sit in it empty on the showroom floor so manufacturers design their tubs with that in mind.

But everything changes when it’s full of water. Due to buoyancy, you don’t feel the same pressure points where your body is contacting the tub as when your full weight is pressing down.

So what may feel uncomfortable in an empty tub may actually feel quite nice when full. But if they’re poorly sculpted, hot tubs can be uncomfortable no matter what


-When you sit in a tub on the showroom floor, imagine that you only weigh 10% of your body weight with your pressure points being reduced 90%, and imagine your arms and legs being weightless. How would that change things?

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