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New Artesian Nevis Kitts Hot Tub

New Artesian Nevis Kitts Hot Tub

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Model: Nevis_Kitts
  • Condition: NEW
  • Make: Artesian
  • Model: Nevis_Kitts
  • Stock#: 54
  • Size: 84x78x34 inches
  • Shell: White
  • Skirt:
  • Seats:
  • Jets: 33
  • Pumps: 3 (two 1hp, one 24/7 circulation pump)
New Artesian Hot Tub Langley BC New And Used Artesian Hot Tub Near Vancouver BC

Layout: "silent 27/7 circulation pump, double filter system, over-shoulder jet package, foam cushion headrests"

“Trusted brand, established, experienced manufacturer Made with premium materials (e.g., glues, gaskets, silicones, plastics, acrylics, epoxies, resins, etc.) | Equipped with the very best equipment available (e.g., motors, electronics, heating elements, digital controls, etc.) | Fitted with high-end plumbing (e.g., jets, pumps, hoses, pipes, manifolds, valves, unions, weirs, etc.) | Super deluxe cover (pitched to repel water, marine-grade vinyl, high density foam, robust aluminum rails, seam cushion) | Well engineered, excellent workmanship

*may not be exactly as shown – specs & details may change without notice*”

  • 120-point inspection and 4-day wet test
  • guaranteed functional
  • full warranty available

Specs are a quick general overview – may not be exact

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