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Hot Tub Shell Blister Repair And Fixes
Unnoticeable in the shade and/\or when wet

Almost all hot tubs have a colored acrylic skin heat-vacuumed over the fiberglass shell. Small Blisters and superficial fissures on the skin are more of an aesthetic issue than a real problem.

Usually the blisters are in the corners on the floor, so you can’t see them unless a hot tub is empty. They don’t effect the structural integrity of the shell and when the tub is full of water, nobody notices. But they are annoying

Crazing usually takes place at or above the water line. Crazing and fade are most common on metallic/pearlescent shells. Often you can’t see this damage when the shell is wet, but it becomes evident when dry.

We usually avoid hot tubs like this but if a hot tub is in otherwise very good condition, we might bring it to our shop as an option for people who don’t care about cosmetic perfection.


-Run your finger all along the corner perimeter of the floor, and check the seat back corners, as this is typically where the acrylic is pulled the thinnest and where blisters usually begin. 

-Make sure the shell is “bone dry”, and if possible, in direct sunlight. Wet tubs in the shade make imperfections hard to see. Wet your finger and smear it along and below the waterline, and see if it makes it appear darker – that would be an indication that the acrylic has been damaged/weakened by over-chlorination or too much exposure to direct sunlight.

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