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You might not think of rust when it comes to hot tubs, but there are plenty of metal parts in a typical unit.

Chlorinated spa water is especially corrosive and water from a plumbing leak will aggressively eat away any metal that gets wet.

This is another one of those situations where something can be 

weakened but functional until it is moved. 

Any shift or flex or strain can make rusty parts break, and can cause all sorts of problems.

If there is visible rust or if the motor mount bolts have rusted loose or if there are brown rust stains on the pipes, It’s a bad sign.

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-check the screws for rust on the skirt and inside the skimmer weir.  

-Check the drip zone under the jets for reddish stains.  

-Check the bottom of the motor mounts where it’s bolted to the floor…Hot Tub Repairs Surrey

especially the backside.

-Check the shaft between the pump and the motor for corrosion


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