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There ARE thousands of hot tub parts in our distributor catalogue, and there are ALSO thousands of parts that are NOT in the catalogue because they are no longer available. 

Some items are proprietary dealer-only, year-specific parts that can only be obtained by an official dealer of that particular brand by giving them the hot tub serial number (inconvenient and expensive). 

Some hot tub manufacturers will discontinue certain parts after 5-7 years, which means that if you get a used hot tub from one of these models, parts may not be available to fix it.



To avoid repercussion, I won’t mention specific brands to stay away from. Here are some general concepts, but keep in mind there are some exceptions, beyond the scope of this blog:

-Try to stick to Balboa or Gecko electronics

-Try to stick with Waterways or Pentair jets

-Avoid hot tubs that have their brand stamped all over their jets and plastic parts

-If a model’s skimmer/filter assembly, dials/levers and jets look unique they may be hard to come by in the years to come. 

-Stick to a brand name that’s been around for a long time and have sold many thousands of hot tubs.  So even if they do have some proprietary parts, if they go out of business they’ll be enough demand for a company to offer after-market parts.

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