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Hot Tub Mould Mildew Problems
You can’t see what’s hidden in the pipes and behind the panels

Sometimes one or more of the inside walls of a hot tub are covered with stubborn mould.

Not only can mould be bad for one’s health, but it retains moisture and accelerates decomposition.


-Check around the pump/spa pack area and behind the panels for mold/mildew.

-Pop a few jets out and check the jet backs for cleanliness.  Run your finger inside the jet housing to see if it collects anything slimy.

-Note that Painting over mould does not kill it – like rust, it continues to spread underneath the paint. Scrubbing with soap and water doesn’t always get rid of it either.  Try a combination of things including chlorine bleach, tea tree oil and pressure washing to deal with the problem.

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