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Hot Tub Cracks and Delamination Repair
Undetectable at first, but as acrylic shrinks with age, the gaps get bigger


Hot tubs shells can last for decades if they remain resilient and flexible. But if a tub sits empty for too long the shell can dry out and crack.

Sometimes it looks fine until it is refilled and heated – then the sudden weight and temperature change cause it to crack.

In some cases, moisture can get between the fibreglass shell and the acrylic skin, causing it to delaminate.



-Check underneath the shell skirt, where the fiberglass has been trimmed so you can see the layers. Make sure they’re tightly chemically bonded all along the whole perimeter.  

-small cracks are easy to miss so crawl right into the empty tub, and run your hand over every square inch, face close to the surface, and see if you can discover any fissures or hairline cracks

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