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Hot Tub Leaks Hot Tub Jet Gasket Leaking Problems

Hot Tub Leaks Hot Tub Tutorial - Hot Tub Leaky Gasket - Leaking Hot Tub Testing

Hot Tub Recycling is one thing that Hot Tubs Galore does a lot of. What starts as buying a used hot tub from a customer who is upgrading, moving or just not wanting a hot tub anymore, very often turns into a hot tub recycling project, instead of another used hot tub in Langley for […]

Broken And Missing Hot Tub Bits And Accoutrements

Hot Tub Parts BC Hot Tub Parts Surrey BC

Bits and parts are often damaged or missing on used hot tubs.  Things like dials, cushions, valves, jets, drink tray caps, skimmer weirs, drain/intake strainers, leaf catcher baskets, filters, covers, clips, etc.  You might not notice it or give it a second thought, but these “little things” might actually be important and can add up, […]

Compromised Hot Tub Structural Integrity

Hot Tub Structural Integrity

Once a hot tub is delivered to the original buyer, it’s intended to sit there for the rest of its life.  Once the packaging has been removed mother nature and wear and tear begin to work away at weakening the frame and cabinet, and sometimes moist insulation (often from leaks) and residual water in the […]

Hot Tub Cost And Ease Of Repairs

True Hot Tub Cost Hot Tubs Cost

Some hot tub models are a “quick fix”, while others are a royal pain to work on.  Last year I went to replace a circ pump for a friend who had a very high end model.  There were no gate valves so we had to empty the hot tub before I could do the job. […]

Hot Tub Insulation Problems

Some hot tubs are very poorly insulated. Sometimes a hot tub has a slow (undetected) leak which soaks the insulation, causing it to use its R-value.  Sometimes the foam insulation is missing in spots (usually due to sloppy application or being scraped off for repair access).  Tips:  -Check behind the panels to see what’s insulating […]

Hot Tub Mould Mildew And Algae Problems

Hot Tub Mould Mildew Algae Problems

Sometimes one or more of the inside walls of a hot tub are covered with stubborn mould. Not only can mould be bad for one’s health, but it retains moisture and accelerates decomposition. Tips: -Check around the pump/spa pack area and behind the panels for mold/mildew. -Pop a few jets out and check the jet […]

Hot Tub Wasp Ant And Maggot Infestation

Hot Tub Infestation

    Creepy crawlies that are part of the organic decomposition system help accelerate rot. Nuisance insects such as bees, ants and wasps are sometimes hard to remove once they’ve made a tub their home. Tips: -check for the obvious signs of insects around the hot tub -check the gap between the shell skirt and […]

Hot Tub Pest Invasion Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Raccoons And More

Hot Tub Rat, Mice Pest Issues

It is not unusual to discover an intricate maze of mouse or rat tunnels in the foam insulation. Squirrels and even skunks and racoons are known to find a way into the hot tub cabinet. Sometimes these critters shred the insulation off of the shell and pipes. They like to gnaw on pipes, hoses and […]