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Shell Quality New Hot Tub Buying Tips

By far the most common shells are made of acrylic with layers of fiberglass applied over it. The rough fiberglass provides the structural integrity, and the smooth acrylic skin is what gives it the colour and texture.  Some fiberglass shells are better crafted, thicker and much stronger than others. But pay attention to the acrylic […]

Hot Tub Warp Problems And Solutions

Hot Tub Warp Causes

Over time a hot tub can slowly bend out of shape if it doesn’t sit on a perfectly level solid pad. Warp is often unnoticeable if you aren’t specifically looking for it, until it is relocated onto a flat surface, where it can be rocked corner to corner.  When the tub is filled, it will […]

Hot Tub Shell Blisters Crazing And Fading

Hot Tub Shell Crazing Repairs

Almost all hot tubs have a colored acrylic skin heat-vacuumed over the fiberglass shell. Small Blisters and superficial fissures on the skin are more of an aesthetic issue than a real problem. Usually the blisters are in the corners on the floor, so you can’t see them unless a hot tub is empty. They don’t […]

Hot Tub Cracks And Delamination Problems and Solutions

  Hot tubs shells can last for decades if they remain resilient and flexible. But if a tub sits empty for too long the shell can dry out and crack. Sometimes it looks fine until it is refilled and heated – then the sudden weight and temperature change cause it to crack. In some cases, […]