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Small print matters, but the track record of the company is the best indication of what to expect

There’s more to a warranty than the length of coverage.  What’s more important is what’s covered, how it’s covered, and the track record of the company when it comes to customer care.

Some companies have a mediocre-sounding warranty at a glance, but they have an excellent track record for prompt “service with a smile” and go way beyond what’s technically required of them. I also know and have worked with manufacturers who have great-sounding warranties on paper but when it comes to problem solving, it’s “like pulling teeth”, and “like molasses in January”, as my mother used to say.

Some factory warranties require that a suspected failed part be sent to the factory for inspection/confirmation (shipping not covered by warranty), then the factory will send a replacement part if they deem it to be covered, which could take ages.

Some vendors do not have their own dedicated parts and service department – they subcontract that work out to other companies.  When things get busy it may take a couple weeks or more before someone is able to book an appointment, and it could take weeks to resolve if it’s not a simple fix.


-Ask for the more detailed document explaining the warranty and read the fine print, not just the bullet points. 

 -And ask the parts and service department (not the salesperson) what the protocol/procedure is when there’s a problem. 

 -Phone the vendor and ask if they have a parts and service department and ask how soon they can arrange to have someone come by to fix your hot tub and see how they respond. 

 -Check out the manufacturer’s website to see how easy it is to contact them for customer service.

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