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Seriously? But this hot tub is only 5 years old!

Langley Hot Tubs – Parts Availability

Some brands are notorious for discontinuing model-specific parts a few years in, and fly-by-night brands may not be around for long.  So keep this in mind if you plan to keep your hot tub for a long time.

 The more unique parts and features in a particular model, the more dealer-reliant you become, with model-specific parts that are often eventually discontinued.

As the years go by, brand-name-specific parts become less available (“planned obsolescence”). As a result, spas with unique features and dealer-only parts tend to depreciate quickly and are hard to resell.


-It’s best to go with spas that use jets, spa packs and filters that are not unique to that particular hot tub brand name.

-Check to see if the manufacturer brand name is on the jets, dials and skimmer weirs and ask them if the parts are “standard” or unique to their brand.

-When it comes to plumbing, lean toward brands that use regular plumbing parts with normal threads in standard sizes.

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