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Levitating Recliners
A poorly designed recliner or hot tub lounger combined with poorly planned jetting may feel nice when you sit in the dry shell at the showroom, but when you fill it with water, you float up and away. A well-designed recliner keeps you positioned in the recliner even when it’s full of water with jets going full blast.

Langley Hot Tubs Buying A New Hot Tub Tips Levitating Hot Tub Chairs
Poorly Designed Hot Tub Loungers Make You Float Up And Off The Seat


-The more horizontal a lounger is, the more likely you’ll float out of it.

-A more aggressively sculpted lounger may feel less comfortable dry, but it may be just right for real use, as it’s intentionally designed to hold the person in place when full of water with the jets on high.

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