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More than one way to skim a cat, or a Hot Tub

A hot tub skimmer is supposed to sip the “floaties” (leaves, dandruff, hair, bugs, body oil, debris, etc.) from the water surface into a contained area. Hot tub skimmers have evolved over the years so its important to find what you need.

A well-engineered hot tub skimmer intentionally plans the contours and water currents to sweep the surface floaties into the surface skimmers. A poorly designed tub can have back-eddies that trap the floaties in the corners.  This makes your water surface less clean and can create an oily/scummy ring around the tub where surface oil accumulates.


If you can see a hot tub running, place a rubber duckie or some floating thing in the corners to see if it ends up in the skimmer, or if it just floats around in circles.

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