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Hot Tub Bits and Accessories Langley BC
There’s a million little bits on a hot tub besides the shell and jets

Bits and parts are often damaged or missing on used hot tubs. 

Things like dials, cushions, valves, jets, drink tray caps, skimmer weirs, drain/intake strainers, leaf catcher baskets, filters, covers, clips, etc. 

You might not notice it or give it a second thought, but these “little things” might actually be important and can add up, and some may be expensive and/or hard to find/replace, or may not be available at all. 


-Scan the tub over carefully to see if you can spot anything missing or broken

-turn every dial and knob on the hot tub back and forth, & make sure they’re properly attached and mechanically functional

-gently tug on & wiggle each every piece that’s attached to the tub and not a part of the hot tub itself, looking for loose or damaged bits.

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