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Introduction to “Used Hot Tub Buying Tips”


Watch Below for one example of a hot tub that looked good but isn’t worth a penny

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Cautionary tale: always look a gift horse in the mouth!

A thousand things can go wrong with a used car, but they’re often still worth buying.  Second hand makes good sense if you buy smart. 

We have developed a 120-point Inspection to help us determine whether or not a used hot tub is worth investing in.  If it’s not, we pillage the salvageable parts off it and scrap the rest. If it is, then we add it to our used inventory and prepare it for resale.  Inspected, tested, sanitized, guaranteed.

Here are some of the more basic things on our inspection list that we are happy to share with you.  

Scroll down or chose from the topics on the left for important tips on how to evaluate a used hot tub. 

    Remember, we also sell lots of NEW hot tubs! 

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Latest Hot Tub Buying Tip:


Hot Tub Movers - Relocating A Hot Tub
Hot Tub Movers BC Hot Tub Relocation

Relocation Risks:

Hot Tubs don’t like being moved, especially after sitting in one place for more than a couple years.  Even if a used hot tub looks to be in good condition and appears to be running fine, lots can go wrong as soon as it’s moved. Deteriorating pipes and hoses, old electronics, finicky computers and worn mechanical components may hold out for many years as long as the hot tub sits still and is uninterrupted. But hot tubs often break down or spring new leaks due to the strain and trauma of being disconnected, physically moved then resuscitated.

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