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Are Used Hot Tubs a Bad Idea?
(the good, the bad and the ugly truth)

A used hot tub can be a prudent investment or can end up being a huge waste of time and money.  

As used spa specialists, we know better than anyone about the dangers of buying used.  But we also know it can be a great idea if you’re on a tight budget.

The Good:

Going used can be an excellent choice if you’re smart about it. You can save thousands of dollars and if you choose wisely, a used hot tub will serve you just as well a new one – maybe even better, so it’s good math. 

It is very possible to find a good 15-year old model that will easily outlast something new! 

If you have $10,000 to spend you may be better off buying a nice used hot tub than settle for a crappy new one.


The Bad:

Just like used cars, there are lots of OK-looking used hot tubs out there that would be a terrible mistake to buy. Sometimes repairs can cost thousands of dollars, and there are safety issues to consider as well. 

Even if a used hot tub appears to be in good condition and running fine, lots can go wrong as soon as it’s moved. Deteriorating pipes and hoses, old electronics, finicky computers and worn mechanical components may hold out for many years as long as the hot tub sits still and is uninterrupted. But hot tubs often break down or spring new leaks due to the strain and trauma of being disconnected, physically moved then resuscitated.

Here are some other things to keep in mind: Beware When Buying A Used Hot Tub TIPS


The Ugly:

We often get calls from people who picked something up for cheap or free from the classifieds, asking if we’d please take it off their hands. Sometimes they’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money moving it to their place and installing it, only to discover cost-prohibitive problems to deal with.  Sadly, they sometimes end up having to pay to have it removed and disposed of.

This webpage addresses this in more detail:  Free or “Cheap” Hot Tubs


Buying Through Hot Tubs Galore Helps Reduce the Risk Factor
Hot Tubs Galore is in the business of finding the best used hot tubs in the province and making them available to the general public. All of our used hot tubs have passed a detailed 120-point inspection before we even consider them for our inventory. 

After that, we pressure-test the system and do a deep-cleaning flush and run it on our test bench for at least 4 days. This significantly lowers the chance of anything going wrong after we deliver them to their new home. As a result, we rarely have to do warranty work.

So contact us today if you have any questions or make an appointment to discuss your situation and explore some options! Contact Us HERE!