Chapter 7 Topics

7-U: Electronics

Background Reading: 4-E: Equipment

You’ve already tested the topside control to see if it’s communicating properly with the spa pack. Now let’s look at what’s inside the engine bay.


-Check all wiring, plugs and cables to see if any are damaged (melted, squished, frayed, or rodent-chewed)
-Check to see that it’s all neatly and safely laid out, bundled tightly.
-Open the spa panel cover and see if there’s any evidence of burn or damage on the motherboard
-Check for mold/mildew/dirt/insect invasion in the spa pack box
-Have someone hit each of the buttons on the topside control while you keep your eyes on the circuit board.  Sniff and listen/watch for anything unusual (buzzing/humming, arching/sparking, ozone/burnt smell, etc.).