Chapter 7 Topics

7-Q: Jets

Background Reading: 3-T: Jets & Hydrotherapy

Be aware that the jets, spinners and air bubbles on a used hot tub may not be perfectly balanced (not have equal pressure/distribution).  Some jets may be weak, not spin or not put out air bubbles.  It can happen as things begin to wear out.  However, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if precision massage is not the main reason for the hot tub, and/or if only some seats are affected. 

Most jets can be turned off and on, on a gradient fade by turning them clockwise and counter-clockwise.  If you crank them all the way to the left (counter-clockwise) and force them with some extra effort, it usually releases the jet so they can be popped out.  To reinstall, push in with even pressure and twist clockwise to click it back into place. 


-Ask yourself if the jetting quantity and placement works for your needs
-Check to see if all jets look to be original.  Mismatched jets (some look different and/or new) may be an indication that the original jets are beginning to fail and might need to be replaced. 
-turn each jet on and off by twisting them back and forth, to see if they work properly.
-if possible, pop out some or all jets to inspect the jet bodies (usually by turning them counter clockwise).  You might need channel lock plyers if the jets are too slippery.
-check the jet bodies to see if they clean and new-looking, or are they crusted with calcium and brittle, with missing tabs or chipped/cracked housings?
-be careful not to break the jets, but if they do break, it’s a bad sign, both for you and the grumpy vendor, who’s jets you just broke.
-Keep in mind that chrome jets don’t work better or last longer than regular plastic jets, and they’re buried under water so you can’t see them while using the tub.
-Take your shirt off or roll up your sleeves to feel each jet, to test for strength & consistent pressure
-Turn the air valves on and off to see if every jet is getting the same amount of bubbles
-With the air off, visually check to see if the spinners are all turning as they should