Chapter 7 Topics

7-F: Obvious Leak Evidence

Background Reading: 3-Q: Leaks

It’s best to inspect a used hot tub on a dry day when the pad should be dry.  But leaks aren’t always obvious, and since you don’t have time to monitor how much the water table drops over 48 hours, minor leaks can go un-noticed.  Also, even non-leaking tubs can spring new leaks if they’re moved.  However, it’s still worth keeping these tips in mind:


If the tub is full and a on poured slab or membraned deck, check around the whole hot tub for puddling.
If the hot tub is on gravel, paving tiles or a slat deck, the water may just be seeping through the base and out of sight. 
-Sometimes leaks are too slow to create puddling, so check along the bottom where the base contacts the pad for signs of moisture.
-If the tub is empty and the panels are not removable, try lift one side of the hot tub.  If it’s too heavy to lift, a leak might be saturating the foam insulation, weighing it down.