4-L: Cheap Models in High End Stores

Cheap Models

Being with the best doesn’t make you equal to them.

It’s possible to find low-quality hot tubs in high-end stores.  Often their “economy series” models are just as bad as the stuff sold in big box stores for less money. 

If a high-end hot tub store can’t convince you to go for one of their expensive models, they may try sell you on one of their cheap “economy models” rather than have you walk out the door to buy from a less expensive place. 

Since these less expensive options are being displayed in a high-end store in the same showroom as their high-quality models, it gives the illusion that these “budget models” are just simpler versions of the same brand, but that’s not the case.   They are a completely different product, often made at a totally different factory. 

Watch for the word “by”.  

For instance, let’s say that ACME is a great brand, but expensive.  So, their stores also offer an inexpensive line of hot tubs that they import from elsewhere which they market as “The ‘Ace’ Line BY ACME”.   

These less expensive models may not even be real ACME products – they’re just imported by ACME and offered as an option for clients who cannot afford a “real” ACME spa.  But since the tub has an ACME logo on it somewhere (e.g., “the Ace Line by ACME”), and since the client trusts the ACME brand name, and since they are in a fancy ACME retail store, they don’t realize that these lower-priced options are basically in the same quality class as what’s being sold for less at the big box stores. 

For example, one of the most expensive hot tub brands has recently introduced a new line of rotomold hot tubs (cheap plastic things) at alarmingly low prices.  They look fantastic, but they are a totally different product than the brand’s regular spas. Since the consumer trusts the well-known brand, they assume that the cheap plastic tub version will also be a solid choice.  Not so.


Not the same thing.

Often the hired sales staff have little or no information about their budget line (for good reason).  They don’t know how different they are, because they’ve only been trained in detail to talk about the glories of their “real” models, and were only given a vague explanation of the budget version. How convenient.