Chapter 4 Topics

4-C: You Get What You Pay For ​

You Get What You Pay For

“False Economy” is when the cheapest option is a poor choice

Obviously, paying more for something doesn’t make it better.  It’s possible that it costs more simply because it presents well, because it’s is promoted more effectively, or because the consumer trusts the familiar brand.  However, a low price-tag will almost certainly mean it’s a low-quality product. 

A good quality product made by a well-run company is going to cost more because it costs more to make and it costs more to offer great after-sale care  – it’s that simple.  One cannot expect a great hot tub with a great warranty and great customer service to cost the same as an inferior tub with a lousy warranty and terrible client care. There’s no way around it.

A low price tag may be very tempting, but as Benjamin Franklin noted, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.  

Having said that, Hot Tubs Galore sells cheap hot tubs, too, so we do offer you that option, as long as you promise not to complain if you’re not happy with it.

There’s a time and place for cheap (3-C: Does Quality Matter?).  But if quality matters to you and you don’t have the budget to purchase a NEW high-quality hot tub, then I suggest you consider buying a USED high-quality tub, as it may be a better choice, as explained elsewhere in this website.