Chapter 4 Topics

4-B: Pricing and Budget

(how much should you expect to spend on a hot tub?)

Your hot tub options obviously depend on your budget…

Most people who have done only internet research but haven’t entered a real hot tub store are in for a surprise when they see how much a decent hot tub costs these days.  That’s because the better (i.e., more expensive) brands don’t post prices online.  This is usually due to brand policy, to protect their dealers from potential clients seeing cheaper pricing in another country/state/ or province/city for the same product.  Typically, only online vendors and big box stores post prices because they sell cheap stuff and rely on low pricing (not quality products) to get sales. For more on this topic, see this link: [4-I: Box Stores, Online Vendors, etc.]

Below is a broad-strokes explanation of ballpark pricing for new hot tubs nowadays. 

⦁ $1,000 – $5,000 

Inflatable or foam hot tubs
People in the hot tub industry don’t consider these to be “real” hot tubs
They are essentially “toys” with a short life span – a disposable product.
Often not repairable if certain parts fail.

⦁ $6,000 – $9,000 

Nicer-looking models from low-quality manufacturers
Big Box Store brands, Chinese and/or plastic hot tubs fall in this category.
Poorly engineered, uncomfortable, bad workmanship, cheap materials
Lousy warranty, poor client care
Short life expectancy, often hard to get parts for down the road
If your budget is below $10K, you’re probably better off buying a high quality USED hot tub than a NEW cheap tub.
But if price is your main concern and you insist on new, then we have some cheap new hot tubs to consider.

⦁ $10,000 – $20,000 

Solid-brands, sensible long-term investments
From simple to fabulous, well-engineered, good workmanship & keen attention to detail.
Comfortable, reliable, good track record for warranty and client care
If you can justify spending the extra amount for a better product, I highly recommend this category as being the best value. 

⦁ Over $20,000 

Super-deluxe and/or oversized models, swimspas, etc.
If you’re not budget-conscious, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much you can spend.
If you want both high quality AND extravagance, then by all means, we can hook you up.